The Exciting World Of Online Mediation

Well I’ve gone & done it- my first online mediation. Zoom worked well although I am well aware that there’s a whole host of features that I need to get my head around so I can maximise what I do with it. Shared screens & online flip charts here I come!!
I suspect that online mediation works best with those couples who are happy with technology many of whom are using video conferencing at the moment to facilitate working from home.
As to worries about loss of important signals such as body language, it’s not of course lost completely albeit restricted to the top half. You can still see how comfortable or not someone is. You have a much greater focus on facial expressions.
And after all right now it’s the only way of mediators continuing to assist clients resolve issues.
An important footnote is to think about what happens to all those thousands of children whose parents are separated & them spending time with each parent if & when we enter lockdown. They may live in two separate households but, as far as they are concerned, it’s their one family. Add to that that a lot of separated couples are balancing working from home and child care now children aren’t at school & can’t be with grandparents by sharing care.


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