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What is mediation?

Unravelling any kind of relationship can be difficult especially when money and/or children are involved. Besides all the emotional upheaval, there are so many practical decisions to take at a time when you are feeling particularly vulnerable.

Mediation is a process which can really help if both parties are willing to give it a try. It provides a unique and impartial perspective to assist you in coming to decisions which are good for everyone both in the short and longer term.

Take a typical couple, for example.

After twenty years together, they discover life is taking them in very different directions.

The husband is the main
income earner...

Whilst the wife splits her time between a part-time job and caring for their two children.

Without family mediation, theirs could potentially be a messy and acrimonious divorce.


With mediation, they both have the opportunity to explore the best possible outcomes for everyone concerned. They are able to negotiate a financial settlement which allows them both to be secure in the future. They are able to make arrangements for their children which enable their children to enjoy their relationship with both parents. Instead of being fearful, the couple can move forward with plans in place that look after both their interests. What's more, because both parents have been able to agree on critical issues, stress is minimised and the impact on the children lessened.

Whilst at Anne Braithwaite Mediation Chambers we understand that separation is never easy, mediation can smooth your way to a better (and generally much less expensive) resolution which benefits you as a family.

Other situations where mediation can help...

Of course, it's not just romantic relationships that break down. Business partnerships can suffer a similar fate as can families dealing with inheritances and the like. Anne Braithwaite is here to mediate these situations too and help you find a solution which offers a satisfactory outcome for everyone.

At the start of a marriage/civil partnership you might both want to have a “pre-nup” but not be sure what it should cover. Family mediation can help there too.

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